The Vector Diatrax Standard

The Vector is Zed Skimboards flatland skimboard made for skateboard style skimboarders.  Its boxy shaped construction with nippled nose and tail help displace the water when going fast.  The skate style perimeter of the board helps it react well when setting up for rails or when doing bank slides in channels.  If you love solid rail control and more of a skate styled feel when skimming or sliding, give this board a try and you’ll be skating on sand in no time!


Size: 48x104x1cm + 1cm Diatrax

Construction: 100% epoxy bonded Canadian Maple with Diatrax and Duralam

Duralam: High Gloss White

Rocker: Zed's Complex Rocker 3.5 Centered

Colours: Blue/Blue, Green/White

Made from our unique Diatrax technology, this series of boards cushion your feet where you need it.  We have 6 different Diatrax shapes, with two different constructions, the Diatrax Standard, and Diatrax Pro series

The Diatrax Standard boards, are constructed with heavy duty thick Diatrax made from machined EVA foam in a sloped diamond grooved pattern.  These are then C and C shaped to fit the board with a 120 degree bevel that reduces peel up and provide a protective edge.  The Diatrax is then applied with an industrial strength 3M adhesive adding to the longevity and durability of our board.  The 1CM thick diatrax is the thickest and the softest in the industry.  You can ride for hours and stomp hard with no injury to your feet.

The Diatrax Pro boards are built on the same platform as the standard but come with a 5mm thick die cut top sheet for maxium weight to grip ratio.  This top sheet is bonded to the board with epoxy composite and guaranteed to never peel up.


PRICE : $179.00

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