The Zed 3D 2.0

Beleive the hype!  The worlds first 5 axis is something to be seen to beleive!  We’ve taken the shape of our most time tested board and created a 3" contoured EVA top sheet with a micro dot grip.  We then laminated it onto a 100% Canadian maple core with premium grade epoxy and pressed with with an ultra shallow rocker for speed and distance.  The core has the super fast low profile rocker which gives it unparalleled distance and speed.  We brought technologies from snowboarding, wake boarding and surfing to bring you the Zed 3D. We even included fin mounting holes if you want to skim behind a boat.  It is now one of the most technologically advanced boards available.


Size: 102x50x1cm x 5cm Contoured EVA

Construction: Construction: 100% epoxy bonded Canadian Maple with Diatrax and Duralam

Duralam: High Gloss Black (with fin mounting holes)

Rocker: Super Shallow Speed Rocker


PRICE : $99.00

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