The Venison - Chris Dobell Artist Series

 The Venison is a twin tip board that features a shallow dual axis rocker perfect for riding rails or popping airs. It has a wide stance to increase stability when cruising or doing tricks.



Size: 108x58x1cm

Construction: 100% epoxy bonded Canadian Maple with Duralam

Duralam: High gloss cherry

Rocker: Zed's shallow speed rocker

If you’re looking for Chris Dobell, you’ll most likely find him with one eye on his art and one on a cold Phillips Beer.  Born and raised in Australia, he moved to Victoria, Canada where he quickly took a strong foothold in the art community.  Dobell joined forces with Zed Skimboards this year for the Zed Artist Series Collection. With over 20 year of experience, his work combines street art, graffiti, stenciling, pin striping, and hand lettering to create a unique form of art that is featured on our boards.  Dobell uses a more traditional skill set, setting his work apart from the computer generated graphic designs that are becoming prominent in the industry.  Zed’s happy to have such a talented artist as part of the family!  Watch out for his custom boards hitting select shops this summer!

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